Architectural engineering

We offer a full range of services in architectural engineering of buildings with different functional purposes. We can develop the related engineering sections of the project design and the price schedule. We can fulfil the full cycle of design planning, from the concept to working documents.

Interior Design

We produce project designs for interiors of residential housing, as well as for public and commercial facilities. The project starts from the planning concept and finishes with the development of the smallest details to make up the future interior. For commercial facilities, we offer services for comprehensive development of the corporate identity and interior.

Managing projects and supervising construction and repair works

We can offer services to manage and coordinate the project among all parties involved into design and construction. We can develop the schedule of works and monitor its completion. We can supervise the construction team and coordinate the activities at all stages of construction or repair works. We can procure and deliver to the construction site any construction materials required. The management process includes financial reporting. We can offer regular photo reports from the site to our customers to trace the course of construction or repairs.

Engineering procurement

We can provide for procuring the site with the furniture, light fittings, décor elements and textile, both factory produced and customized to match the design drawings.

Construction and repair works

We can perform the full cycle of construction works, from the foundation to the finishing stage.