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Interior Design Origami

  • Автор: Tetiana Drovaliuk, Yaroslav Karashetskyy
  • Локалізація: Lviv
  • Площа: 44 sq.m.
  • Проект: 2015
  • Площа: 2016

One-bedroom apartment, in which it was necessary to make a design, had some disadvantages in planning, therefore, in the first place, we optimized the layout scheme. It was supposed to reduce the bedroom and increase the room of the studio, in which the inhabitants should spend the most time. Also, they put a small dressing room with an entrance from the bedroom and the barn near the front door. In the bedroom was placed a large countertop under the window, which will serve as a desk or dressing table. Since the project budget was very small, it was necessary to use inexpensive materials and correct accents, so that the home received not only comfortable planning but also a beautiful aesthetic look. The highlight of the interior were painted on our sketches of the wall, the actual drawings have given the working name of this building - Origami.

Змінено: 2018-18-18 16:30:13

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Опубліковано: 2017-15-15

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